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CEO / Entrepreneur

Building Companies in Miami, FL

Mr. Yagu is an entrepreneur with a vision that has all the components to make a company successful. His creative edge and expertise in brand development leads mph club into a tier amongst the worlds elite brands. Combining his strengths in building executive relationships and client services that rival many competitive markets to date. With limitless mindset and a fearless approach Mr. Yagu continues to boost mph club beyond its goals.
‘Limits and Fears are just our Imagination” – Stac Yagu 
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Stac Yagu

 Stac yagu is a goal oriented, self starting entrepreneur and CEO of an exotic car rental company called mph club® . Mr. Yagu uses his ability to network and connect proper channels together along with his eye for marketing and management skills to take companies to the next level. 

Building Business, Driving Profits

Ready to take any business and increase its profitability. Mr. Yagu has been collaborating and rubbing elbows with Miami’s elite.

Advertising is totally unnecessary. Unless you want to make money.


Mr.Yagu can jump start an up and coming company or boost sales in a business looking to take its next big step.


In order to make your company noticed you have to be visually present. Mr.Yagu has the creative drive to turn a business around and become more appealing to the every day client.


Connecting your company to the right business’ will improve your growth and make expanding a lot easier.
  • Company contacts
  • Business Meetings
  • Event planning
  • International Travel
  • Performance Development


Mr.Yagu has the ability and tools to launch your company advertising campaign. Building your online presence as well as showcasing your business in magazines, commercials and other forms of media.


With the knowledge and years Mr.Yagu has put in makes him the perfect tutor for people looking for guidance and business strategies.


Mr.Yagu has an eye for branding. He has successfully built many brands in Miami that are now thriving business’. He will take your company’s brand and promote it, advertise it, build it until it is a well recognized symbol not just in the United states but World wide.


Mr. Yagu will spend countless hours working around the clock to make a business successful. His competitive drive is what most people find to be his best attribute. He will work for you non-stop until the job is done.


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